Probation The Office of Community Corrections currently supervises more than 146,000 offenders throughout Florida. D. Verdict, A reading of the Supreme Court's decision in New Jersey v. T.L.O. Convicted murderers and rapists cannot be sentenced to probation Discretionary release is granted by a parole board Which of the following is NOT a function of a probation or parole officer's work? D. Selective, Most people sentenced to federal prisons have been convicted of _____ crimes a. Theresa has just come to realize that in order to learn she must focus her attention on her teacher, not her classmates. The statement of issues alleged three causes for denial of the application: respondent's August 15, 2017, conviction for possession of marijuana; commission of an act that would be grounds for suspension or revocation of license due to unprofessional conduct; and making a false statement of fact in the application. B) It is the most common form of criminal sentencing. Probation and parole programs are underused, enabling practitioners to adequately supervise offenders on their caseloads. D. Failure to participate in a stipulated treatment program, Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole v. Scott declined to extend the exclusionary rule to searches conducted by ____ even when such searches yield evidence. The arraignment The following list of balance sheet items is in random order for Wilson Farms, Inc., on September 30, 2011: Land$490,000FencesandGates$33,570BarnsandSheds78,300IrrigationSystem20,125NotesPayables330,000Cash16,710AccountsReceivable22,365Livestock120,780CitrusTrees76,650FarmMachinery42,970AccountsPayable77,095RetainedEarnings? First-time property offenders A(n) __________ is often involved in helping businesses operate more efficiently. A. Zelda Manufacturing organized in June and recorded the following transactions during June, its first month of operations: Purchased materials costing $800,000\$ 800,000$800,000. False, The Intensive Aftercare Program includes the goal of monitoring and testing youth for various substances. US penitentiaries C. Jail Boot Camps a. c. 71,000 a. d. Which firm may have more difficulty meeting its debt obligations? A. Accounts receivable 15,000 d. Community Reparation, Juvenile Delinquency Ch. Probations has always been a career that has interested me, and today is the career that I am in the pursuit of. d. Transitional programs, ________________ combine elements of foster care and group home placements and are run by a single family rather than staff members. Introduction Dependent child Parole officers tend to have larger caseloads than probation officers c.) The level of supervision a parole officer gives to a parolee . B. A. B. Fifty D. Petition, The juvenile system is more likely to maximize the use of discretion and ____ than the adult system New institutional facilities house offenders with similar backgrounds together in one room. Former Harvard professor Charles Lieber was sentenced to six months of house arrest on Wednesday, according to US media. B. B. Programs such as deferred prosecution, house arrest, and probation are ________ solutions for dealing with prison overcrowding, CHAPTER 6 B. Undisciplined child b. D. 35%, Who makes federal parole decisions? Which of the following sentences is not an example of an intermediate sanction: which intermediate sanction resembles a military-style boot camp? Convicted murderers and rapists cannot be sentenced to probation. b. Of course, he realizes that the weights cannot always be precisely 3 pounds. D. White, _____ and _____ are nearly tied as the second most common type of offenses for which inmates were sentenced to state prisons D. Intensive probation, Which intermediate sanction resembles a military-style boot camp? Probation should be used only in those cases where there is little likelihood that the respondent will harm the public during the period of rehabilitation and the conditions of probation can be adequately supervised. A. B. The probation process focuses only the offender, not the victim. Applied direct labor costs of $500,000\$ 500,000$500,000 to various jobs. Bob is sentenced to probation. The disposition D. Undisciplined child, Juvenile courts place more emphasis on privacy than adult courts do, The document filed in juvenile court alleging that a juvenile is a delinquent is called a(n) C. Medium security True Probation D. Abused, A child who has not been receiving the proper level of physical or psychological care from his or her parents or guardians is a(n) a. C) Probation is significantly less expensive than imprisonment. Analyse, using diagrams and with reference to excess demand or excess supply, how changes in any three determinants of demand result in a new market equilibrium. Intensive probation C. Abandon the doctrine of parens patriae The increased use of punishments, including mandated prison terms, for drug-related felonies The Serious Violent Offender Reentry Initiative (SVORI) provides additional services,such as education and skills training to offenders who are most likely to pose a risk to the community upon release. requires procedural safeguards including a hearing. c. cottage system Foster home programs b. Psychotherapy D. Dependent children, More than 40% of the juveniles in confinement are charged with homicide, A child who has no parents or whose parents are unable to care for him or her is called a A. B. These are ________ conditions. a. Milieu therapy a. a. Prosecutors Alcohol or drug abuse while under supervision False, Aftercare is transitional assistance to juveniles and is the equivalent to adult parole to help youths adjust to community life. C. Open the courtroom to the press and public Section 1001 of Title 18 of the United States Code, the general false statement statute, outlaws material false statements in matters within the jurisdiction of a federal agency or department. a. Group homes are nonsecure residences that provide counseling, education, job training, and family living. A. B. CCM at Washington, D.C B. Please sign in to share these flashcards. D. White-collar criminals, Revocation of probation or parole D. Needs assessment and diagnosis, Which of the following is not an advantage of using probation instead of imprisonment? C. Federal penitentiaries Jury of their peers a. Morrissey v. Brewer provides procedural safeguards to parolees at ________ hearings. b. B. B. Intake What is the most common method of release from prison? Applied manufacturing overhead at a rate of $10\$ 10$10 per direct labor hour. d. Personalized treatment plans, Which of the following is a condition of probation that can be reviewed by appellate courts? a. False c. Predisposition A. True C. Have a right to trial by jury under the US Constitution Common dividends (millions of$) $693.00 D. Establish teen courts, A juvenile is a youth at or below the upper age of juvenile court jurisdiction in a particular state, If a juvenile's case is going to be transferred to adult court, it must be transferred A. c. Foster home c. Parole officers generally deal with younger, less- serious offenders than probation officers. b. Because federal probation officers are not law enforcement officers they have no authority to arrest. 3% A. Students applying for admission to an MBA program must submit scores from the GMAT test, which A. State Design capacity Which of the following statements about probation is false? A. Corrections Corporation of America a. d. Transitional program, _____________________ involve one or two juveniles who live with a family, usually a husband and wife who serve as surrogate parents. b. d. Cottage systems were created for juvenile offenders. Remain within the jurisdiction of the court C. 44% D. Abused, One of the five philosophical principles that form the basis for the juvenile court movement states that ______ is the "higher or ultimate parent" of the child Which of the following statements regarding John Augustus is false? Special A. _____________ conditions of probation are individually designed by the court to assist the probationer in successfully completing court requirements and reintegrating into society. Institutional overcrowding is reduced. A. Vocational and work release programs The basic function of the presentence investigation report is to help judges develop a plan of supervision for offenders after they are placed on probation. b. Use a sequence of assets similar to that illustrated in Exhibit 2-10. A sample of 36 packages reveals the mean weight to be pounds, with a standard deviation of pound. C. Disposition A. C. Morrissey v. Brewer All of the following are advantages of using probation instead of imprisonment except: Which of the following is not a disadvantage of probation or parole? Which of the following is considered a disadvantage of probation and parole? answer choices c. Determine a 95%95 \%95% confidence interval for the population mean. Broken windows probation emphasizes proactive supervision. House arrest with electronic monitoring A. The justice system continues to have confidence in deterrence and accommodates for legal controls and public protection. C. Employ diversion from further formal processing Offecnder who have been paroled generally avoid serving time in prison, while probationers are incarcerated before release. 50 C. After intake, but before the adjudicatory hearing Split sentences and shock probation result from decisions made by judicial authority, If a probationer does not claim a right against self-incrimination, any statements made to a probation officer may be used as evidence. Please upgrade to Cram Premium to create hundreds of folders! RyexydA;R:1x1,1y2\iint_R y e^{x y} d A ; R:-1 \leqq x \leqq 1,1 \leqq y \leqq 2 C. Imprisonment It Convicted murderers and rapists cannot be sentenced to probation. Which of the following was not a finding of the Supreme Court in Gagnon v. Scarpelli? B. Blended sentence Stress levels for probation offices have gone up, in part, due to the increasingly serious offenses of offenders sentenced to probation. Mandatory release D. Specific, Which of the following statements about probation is false? a. Which of the following is not cited as a disadvantage of probation and parole? MBA applicants at a Midwestern, public, AACSB-accredited business school. Family group homes The costs are higher than incarceration. a. Aftercare Split sentence D. Illinois, In the face of strong evidence of the offender's guilt, a juvenile court judge may A. Multiple-choice 1 minute Q. 500 probationers Which of the following factors increases the likelihood that the judge will impose probation over a sentence of incarceration? Balanced probation systems integrate community protection and individualized attention to the offender. Probation is the primary form of community treatment used by the juvenile justice system. a. D. Mixed sentence, The Serious Violent Offender Reentry Initiative (SVORI) has found that ___ reduce(s) recidivism. Note that the firm has no amortization charges, it does not lease any assets, none of its debt must be retired during the next 5 years, and the notes payable will be rolled over. C. 24%

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which of the following statements about probation is false?

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