June 14, 2018

Being away from home for an extended period of time can be quite hard. I know that many of you experience this occasionally, and in these times of separation we gain a deeper sense of what's most important to us. As I arrived home last night, I recognized that La Ronge really has become 'home' for me. I missed my wife and kids certainly, but I also missed my Church family, I missed you.

The church is a family! Scripture is full of examples of how the early followers of Christ called each other Brother and Sister, and in Romans 8 we are told that we are 'co-heirs' with Christ. This means that we have been adopted by God into his family, retaining the rights of a son or daughter of He who created everything! This is something to rejoice in, as belonging to this church family is a wonderful and exciting thing!

This weekend we will participating together in our annual Church Family Camp out at Wadin Bay. I am very excited about this opportunity for us to gather as a family, to laugh and play, to sing and to chat. Please come out and join us, even if you aren't planning to camp out for the weekend.

In Christ,
Pastor Jacob

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