July 6, 2018

After this coming Sunday, my family and I are heading out on vacation! We are excited to go and visit family, and get some rest and relaxation. We are heading to Caronport SK, and Calgary AB, with many stops in between! Please pray for us as we head out on the road!

Conflict happens in all relationships. While many think conflict is bad, I don't see it quite that way. Conflict is bad only if it's left unresolved. A conflict free life is a life without challenge and growth. We all experience conflict in various ways, and often it's in the conflict of our marriages and with out children that we learn and that we allow space for God to move in our lives.

Jesus experience conflict too. In fact, Jesus' ministry was riddled with conflict, as he ran up against the established religious authority. Jesus' conflict with the Pharisees is an important and main them of the book of Mark, and this Sunday we are going to be taking a look at passages in Mark 2 and 3 where this conflict begins to brew.

Join us this Sunday, I look forward to seeing you! In Christ,
Pastor Jacob

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