August 2, 2018

Boy it's good to be home! While our time was away, it is very refreshing to be back in your own bed, and enjoying life here at home! It has been a good summer so far as my family and I have spent time visiting our friends and relatives, and spending time together doing fun activities like climbing mountains and visiting Lions, Tigers and Bears!

This week marks a special anniversary for my family. One year ago we moved here to La Ronge, and this Sunday will be my 1 year anniversary of the first Sunday I began as the Pastor here at the Church. This has been a good year, and I've spent much of this week reflecting on what it means for me and for our church. Over the coming weeks, as we look towards the fall, I anticipate sharing more of what I and the leadership of the church hope to see happen and where we expect to go.

Come join us this Sunday as we continue our series in Mark, looking at the way Jesus teaches through Parables in chapter 4. I look forward to connecting with you all again!

In Christ,
Pastor Jacob

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